How to Download Facebook Video From Facebook Official App or Website?

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There is a social networking site that has become the main part of every person’s life. People like to share photos and videos on Facebook. Be it any occasion Facebook has become the most popular video and photos sharing sites nowadays. Many times we like that photo or video so much that we want to download it, but there is no such option in Facebook that we can save it directly in our gallery, but today How to Download Facebook Video From Facebook Official Site we will tell that with the help of that you will be able to learn to download Facebook photos and videos. If you have gone somewhere to visit, then you can share your photos, videos or photos, and videos of any special occasion with your friends on Facebook and update your status.

Although there are many features on Facebook, keeping Facebook safety in mind, the feature of downloading photos and videos has not been given. But don’t worry at all, we will tell you stepwise how to download videos by following an easy method of downloading Facebook videos. Everyday funny videos are seen on Facebook. Do you also want to download the video shown on Facebook but even after making a lot of effort, you are not able to download Facebook video, you have come to the right place because of today. How to Download Facebook Video From Facebook Official Site in an easy way.

According to information now you can easily earn money through uploading videos like youtube on Facebook too. Through Facebook, you can watch daily Facebook videos every day. And people earn money through Facebook’s official site.

Now if you use Facebook, then it is bound to come to your mind how to download Facebook videos because there are so many videos that we like and we like to save and share these videos with our friends. But we don’t get how to download. But we don’t get options to download videos. We will tell you the method where you can download Facebook videos.

There are ways you can download video use according to whatever you find an easy way to download Facebook videos. Download Facebook video from Facebook sites. As we have already said that such an option is not yet available on Facebook which you can download direct facebook video but you can definitely download the Facebook video using the Facebook app, for that you follow our steps mentioned.

Simple and easy first you have to download the Facebook app from the play store or App Store aa android or iPhone user click on the download button and download Facebook app or site.

Step- 2:
Simply you have to go to login Facebook app or site and click on the side button where three dots are present on the side of the video as you want to download.

Step- 3:
Where you can see the link as an option copy that link, click on that button and you can copy the URL of that given video.

Step- 4:
You search for the official site of the given video link copy in google Facebook videos from this copied link Open the link and paste that URL that you had copied and you can easily download the video.

Step- 5:
Go to the link where you have copied the first link and go to the Facebook website and the URL you have downloaded the video that you have to paste on the Facebook site.

Step- 6:
As soon as you paste the URL, the download button appears, now you want to download that video in some format, select it and click on the Download button. Your video will be easily downloaded as you click on the button download. So in this way you can download any Facebook video with the help of a Facebook App or site. So let’s talk about the other way you can download a Facebook video.

How to Download Facebook Video From Facebook Official Site?

You can use this method to download Facebook videos, and then you can directly download the video you want to download after opening Facebook in this video for more information. So in this way you can easily download Facebook videos from your smartphones. We have told you an easy way that you find easy to use and if you still face any problem. You can easily download Facebook videos from this copied link

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